#PinkDay - Kindness Rules!

We had the opportunity to partner with Red Cross to support kids learning how they can prevent bullying in an effort to help make our community healthy and safe for everyone.  February 28, 2018 was Red Cross Pink Day which started 10 years ago when two boys chose to take action against bullying behaviour by encouraging their peers to wear pink.  Their actions sparked a world-wide movement shedding light on the issues surrounding bullying and inspiring others to Be Someone’s Hero by speaking up when they see bullying happening.

We were fortunate to sponsor our Senior Manager, Mandy Senkow's daughter and her grade 1 class at McLurg School with pink shirts to wear on February 28th.  Ms. Peever, Ms. Wilhelm’s, Mandy and the Grade 1 class participated in a Pink Day activity which raised awareness about bullying at school and what they can do to help prevent it by "filling up your bucket" and being kind.

Pink Day Virtus Group

Back at the office, staff also showed their support by wearing pink and spreading kindness.  Standing up against bullying and hate and showing respect everyday.  Remember - kindness rules!

 Pink Day

To learn more about Red Cross Pink Day, visit their website.

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