United Way Summer Success Literacy Camps - #WeArePossibility

On Tuesday, August 16th Regina staff attended the United Way Summer Success Literacy Camp.  The camps provide children with the opportunity to keep learning over the summer months when school is not in session avoiding the "summer slide" of learning.  Literacy camps are structured to help more children reach Grade 3 reading levels on time, improving their chances of success in school and life. A child not reading at grade 3 level by grade 3, is four times more likely to live in poverty. Children who read at grade level by the end of third grade are 90% more likely to graduate. We want more kids to #Get2Grad and achieve their full potential.  

Virtus United Way Summer Success

In June, Regina participated in the United Way #Get2Grad crowd funding campaign and because of the generosity of our staff, we were able to send one additional student to camp.  Due to the overall success of the campaign the United Way was able to add an additional school to their camp and 15 more students were able to learn over the summer months.  To learn more about the United Way Summer Success Literacy Camps view this short video or visit the United Way website.     

Our staff spent the morning reading and doing activities with the kids.  From the pictures it is hard to tell who had more fun the adults or kids! 

Virtus United Way Summer Success  Virtus United Way Summer Success

Thank you to everyone that volunteered their time!  Thank you to the United Way for all that they do and providing these opportunities to children in Regina. 

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