Virtus Voyager Receives Titanic Award

On July 1st the Virtus Voyager sailed in the 2018 Plywood Cup at Wascana Lake.  More than 10,000 people watched 16 teams construct their boats and battle it out on Wascana Lake.

With only a sheet of plywood, a saw, hammer, nails and a measuring tape, the 16 teams constructed their boats and tested them on the water.  The Virtus Voyager managed to stay afloat for a few minutes before capsizing.  Being the first boat down, we took home the Titanic Award! 

2018 Plywood Cup   2018 Plywood Cup

All proceeds raised from the Plywood Cup went towards pediatric cate at Regina Hospitals and other children's charities.  This year with the hard work and fundraising efforts of those 16 teams, Plywood Cup was able to rasie $60,000.  Thank you to everyone that generously donated to the Virtus Voyager team.  Without your support we could not have sailed (for the short amount of time that we did manage to stay afloat)!

2018 Plywood Cup  2018 Plywood Cup

Congrantulations to Plywood Cup for putting on another successful event.

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