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Budget Expands Access to Home Buyers' Plan

Changes announced in the Federal Budget to the Home Buyers’ Plan seek to make it easier to become a first-time home owner. Read the article to learn more.

Paying the Taxman - How and When

Taxes owed for 2018 must be remitted to the CRA on or before Tuesday April 30, 2019. Read this article to learn about the options open to taxpayers who must make a payment to the taxman.

Some Last-Minute Tax Filing Strategies

While the clock has run out on most major tax planning opportunities for 2018 there are still some tax-saving strategies left. Read more in this article.

What's New on This Year's Tax Return?

The one constant in tax is change, and every year taxpayers sit down to face a different tax return form than they dealt with the previous year. Keep reading to find out more on the changes you should know about this year.

Deciding When to Start Receiving Old Age Security Benefits

Read this article to learn about the factors that should be considered for deciding when to start receiving OAS benefits.