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Board Governance: Donations & Fundraising - what is your policy?

Donation policies should be consistent with the strategic plans, so that activities can be focused on the most important initiatives. This article outlines the positive outcomes of having a donation policy and things to consider when developing one.

2016 Year-End Planning Tips

With 2016 coming to a close, it might be a good time to sit down with your trusted advisor and review your tax situation. Keep reading for a list of planning tips that might apply to you.

Board Governance: What are the top internal control tips for small organizations?

Internal controls are important to safeguard the assets of an organization and to assist the organization in achieving its objectives. Keep reading for tips on creating internal controls in a small organization.

Year-end charitable donations – what’s your plan?

Fall marks a number of runs, walks, and other similar events held to raise money for a broad range of Canadian charities. Our tax system supports that generosity by providing a tax credit, at both the federal and provincial levels, for donations made.

Board Governance: What does Risk Management mean?

A risk management process increases the organization’s awareness of its operating environment and the activities that it undertakes. This knowledge can improve decision making and strategic planning processes.