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Comprehensive Accounting Solutions

Let us take care of the financials so you can focus on growth.

Helping You Manage your Business

Whether your business has outgrown your existing accounting capabilities, need some help documenting and improving processes and procedures, or just need some top tier experts to come step in and provide immediate accounting solutions to cover emergencies, Virtus has you covered. Our Outsourced Accounting Solutions team provides a variety of services to help take care of your financials so you can focus on growth:

  1. Identify, document, and improve processes and procedures
  2. All-in-one accounting solutions for daily operations and reporting
  3. Expert review and analysis to help bring clarity to financial results and aid decision making
  4. Business improvement and strategic planning
  5. Emergency accounting solutions to keep your business operating with no disruptions


 From a Business Owner's Perspective

"I am not an accountant therefore I find it very beneficial to have someone pull all of the numbers together at the end of the month so I can access and address any issues as quickly as possible.  Having a professional look at the numbers gives me confidence and peace of mind knowing they are accurate and reliable.  Virtus goes beyond this providing sound advice and asking the hard questions.  This allows me more time to improve our operations and focus on growth, even in a soft economy. 

Having a partner like Virtus is a real benefit to our business because not only do they manage and organize the financial side, they provide support with growth planning, tax planning, leadership training and succession planning."

Ryan Leech, Brxton Masonry Inc. 


“Virtus Group’s Comprehensive Solutions Team oversees all aspects of Haztech’s accounting department. They helped hire the right personnel for each function and now provide a support role for our team. Based on Virtus Group’s success with Haztech, it made it easy to decide to engage their team to also manage the accounting function for Lumeca Health. Now we (Haztech and Lumeca Health) reap the benefits of having access to a wide range of expertise with a one-stop solution that can scale in skill, experience, volume and complexity to meet all our accounting and financial needs”

Shawn Hazen, Haztech Energy Corp & Lumeca Health


“The Comprehensive Accounting Solutions team has transformed our reporting process and created several key management reports that help us assess how our business is doing and enables us to make decisions based on excellent information. This has put us in a position to be able to have more meaningful planning sessions about the future and not always focus on reacting to day-to-day concerns.”

Todd Hundseth, Hundseth Powerlines

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