Fraud & Risk Management


Fraud & Risk Management

Implementing strategic risk assessments and mitigation processes that establish effective business governance.

Good Governance + Calculated Risk = Corporate Success

It is necessary to take risks in order to move forward but successful organizations are strategic and thoughtful about what risk to take, how much risk to take and when. Our professional team is prepared to partner with you in diagnosing enterprise risk and developing strategies for risk mitigation, financial oversight and control policies, management and board interaction and assessment of information systems. We help you align your governance model to your organization’s strategic goals.

Virtus Group provides an independent perspective to review your risk analysis process and offer advice to enhance your risk mitigation strategies. Our processes help you capitalize on opportunities to fulfill your organization’s mission while managing your downside risk.

Our experienced professionals can assist in the following areas:

Enterprise Risk & Risk Mitigation

  • Enterprise risk management planning
  • Board structure, composition and committees
  • Technology risk assessment

Financial Oversight & Control Policies

  • Establishment of appropriate policy, internal control procedures and budgeting
  • Management estimates
  • Effective board reporting
  • Audit Committee roles and responsibilities
  • Financial reporting standards
  • Human resource policies & procedures
  • Internal audits

Management & Board Interaction

  • Management performance evaluation
  • Board structure, composition, committees, training and education 

Information Systems & Effective Governance

  • Board policy manual and effective reporting
  • Technology planning and internal control procedures

Board of Directors Advisory Relationships

  • Board orientation, evaluation and development
  • Strategic planning, benchmarking
  • Special engagements and emerging issues 

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