The Virtus Vault


Virtus Vault

Your action plan and peace of mind.

Have peace of mind knowing that all the information related to your estate is securely stored in one location.  Establish your electronic vault to accumulate confidential informaiton, passwords, wishes and bequests.  Have a clearn, concise road map to help relieve the stress on your executor(s) who will gather, protect and distribute all your assets in the manner that you intended.  It takes time and effort to compile the necessary documentation that will assist your family or executor(s).  Let Virtus Group assist in this process so you can ensure your loved ones are protected and your estate is taken care of in a timely and efficient manner.  

Estate Planning


  • Do you have an up to date will and have you named someone to be responsible for carrying out your wishes?
  • Have you arranged your assets so you will pay only the minimum taxes necessary?
  • Does your estate plan ensure your loved ones are protected?
  • Do you have all the necessary documentation in order so your executor can execute your wishes in the manner that you intended?


Planning is not only for your present and future but also for your family and loved ones.  Clients work with financial planners, life insurance agents, accountants and lawyers to get their affairs in line.  Many of us know where to find our important documents from these various professionals but fewer have put all the information in one convenient place.  Your electronic value will store all the necessary documentation, contacts, passwords and bequests to ensure that your estate is distributed in a timely and efficient manner according to your wishes.  Plan well so you can leave more to the people or organizations that you care about.  The peace of mind knowing that your affairs will not add more stress to those left grieving is well worth the effort.  


"The Virtus Vault was initially introduced to us as a means of organizing and keeping current all of our business and family contracts.  It has turned out to also be a great tool for estate planning, family meetings and ultimately peace of mind."


- Janice & Randy Beattie