About Us

We listen. We care. We make a difference.

Building successful businesses starts with people.

Our Professional Advisors are Local Business Owner Operators

Virtus Group LLP is Saskatchewan’s largest independently owned firm, serving the province for over 50 years. With offices in Regina, Saskatoon, and Estevan we provide professional accounting and business advisory services to businesses throughout Western Canada.

Our trusted business advisors include chartered professional accountants, chartered business valuators, certified financial planners, a chartered merger and acquisition professional, as well as individuals with expertise within specific industries.  We support Saskatchewan and Canadian entrepreneurs by consistently providing timely, practical, and strategic financial accounting solutions and business advisory services. 

Value Worth Expertise

Value, worth and expertise.  In Latin, that is the definition of “Virtus”.  Our name is the foundation for our firm, staff, and the way we serve our clients.  Our mission is to be the trusted advisor providing exemplary, innovative services, adding value to our clients and community while creating opportunities and rewards for our people. 

Client Partnerships

We build partnerships that increase financial well being, maximize efficiency and provide practical yet innovative solutions for our clients.  Our pursuit of excellence includes working with clients to establish a level of trust and accountability that enables both parties to maximize efficiency, reduce engagement turnaround times and enhance value. 

Client Service Philosophy

The service requirements valued by one client are often entirely different from another.  Our goal is to meet or exceed each client’s unique conditions of satisfaction while delivering practical, timely and strategic advice.  We use an interdisciplinary collaborative approach to ensure our clients achieve their financial goals today and continually employ the necessary financial strategies to guarantee their ongoing success for tomorrow. 

What our clients are saying

Something I learned very early on in my entrepreneurial career is that there are two things you never skimp on: lawyers or accountants. When I was first introduced to Virtus, they were the best option out there and they still are. It seems every year Virtus becomes more ingrained in our business strategy and they’ve been a huge resource for us from an advisory standpoint for many years as well."
Steve Dillabough, President, Discovery Ford

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