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Helping you meet your reporting requirements.

Along with reporting requirements that arise, your stakeholders require assurance on the annual financial statements or other types of financial information. Our licensed professionals provide assurance services on a variety of information, including financial statements (annual, interim, special purpose) and compliance with agreements or legislation. If you have a unique reporting need, we can explore the requirements with you, to design an engagement that is effective and provides the assurance you are looking for.

In building a relationship that you will value, our service objectives include:

  • Understanding your organization and the industry it operates in,
  • A cooperative approach with safeguards to maintain our independence,
  • Commitment to meeting pre-defined deadlines,
  • Proactive and continuous communication throughout the process,
  • Continuity of senior team members,
  • Direct involvement of senior team members,
  • Providing practical recommendations to improve your processes, and
  • Ensuring the financial reporting provided meets the needs of your stakeholders.

We have expertise in all the financial reporting frameworks in Canada, including Accounting Standards for Private Enterprise (ASPE), Accounting Standards for Not-for-Profit Organizations (NFPO) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We are happy to help you understand these standards and how to apply them to your organization.

What our clients are saying

Having a partner like Virtus is a real benefit to our business because not only do they manage and organize the financial side, they provide support with growth planning, tax planning, leadership training and succession planning."
Ryan Leech, Brxton Masonry Inc.

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