Financial Services

Expertise for financial success.

The financial services industry is a diverse landscape and our experience matches that diversity. We work with many organizations in this field, including credit unions, venture capital companies and insurance companies. Some of the areas our experts can assist you in navigating include:

Financial services expertise

  • Financial reporting frameworks (ie. ASPE, IFRS),
  • Compliance with applicable legislation or regulations,
  • Governance models, for both private companies and publicly accountable entities,
  • Policy development,
  • Internal control processes.

The financial services industry and the needs of stakeholders are constantly changing, which may require a change in business strategy, or adaptation of current business practices. We can assist in assessing the impact of changes, whether legislation or regulation has changed, or there is an acquisition or merger event. Our experience will support the implementation of your business decisions and help enhance your future success.

What our clients are saying

Something I learned very early on in my entrepreneurial career is that there are two things you never skimp on: lawyers or accountants. When I was first introduced to Virtus, they were the best option out there and they still are. It seems every year Virtus becomes more ingrained in our business strategy and they’ve been a huge resource for us from an advisory standpoint for many years as well."
Steve Dillabough, President, Discovery Ford

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