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Protecting Your Personal Information - The Capital One Data-Breach

News of data breaches resulting in unauthorized access to personal information — especially financial information — have been so frequent as to seem almost commonplace. The most recent data breach affecting Capital One was, in many ways, a singular event. Read the article to learn more.

When are Legal Fees Deductible?

About the only thing that mitigates the pain of paying legal fees would be being able to claim a tax credit or deduction for the fees paid. Read the article here to learn about when legal fees are deductible.

Virtus Group LLP Announces Independent Membership with RSM Canada Alliance

Virtus Group LLP will have access to global resources through RSM Canada Alliance while maintaining their independence and entrepreneurial culture

Getting the First Instalment Reminder from the Canadian Revenue Agency

Sometime during the month of July several thousand Canadians will receive an unexpected, unfamiliar, and probably unwelcome piece of correspondence from the Canada Revenue Agency. This will be an Instalment Reminder. Read the article to learn more.

Accessing Home Equity in Retirement - The Reverse Mortgage

Reverse mortgages are better known, more widely used and have a much longer history in the U.S. than they do in Canada. However, such financial vehicles are now being advertised and promoted on a regular basis in the Canadian media, and it’s likely that by now most Canadians have at least heard of them. Read about them here.