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A Mid-year Check up on Your Taxes

Now that you have received your assessment it may be time to reflect and check to ensure that everything is on track. Read about the importance of a mid-year check up here.

Fixing a Mistake in Your (Already Filed) Tax Return

With tax assessments coming back people may notice there are things they forgot to include. Read here to learn how to correct the already-filed tax return.

When You Can’t File or Pay on Time – The Taxpayer Relief Program

Most Canadians file and pay on time, but there are exceptions. Read here to learn about the Taxpayer Relief Program offered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Coming Clean with the Tax Authorities

Several years ago the CRA instituted a program — the Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) — intended to encourage non-compliant taxpayers to come forward and put their tax affairs in order.

Budget Expands Access to Home Buyers' Plan

Changes announced in the Federal Budget to the Home Buyers’ Plan seek to make it easier to become a first-time home owner. Read the article to learn more.