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Identifying, Maximizing and Protecting Value

 Virtus Group has the largest team of credentialed business valuators in Saskatchewan. Our Business Valuation Team brings specialized expertise and years of local market experience to every individual valuation and litigation engagement. An independent business valuation performed by our professional Business Valuation Team mitigates the economic risks associated with an informally prepared valuation. We can establish the value of a business, perform calculations of economic loss, evaluate settlement proposals and review financial evidence in litigation support matters. Our Chartered Business Valuators can assist you in ensuring that you protect the value you have spent a life time creating.

At Virtus Group, we have developed the credentials, expert witness testimony experience and the reputation that ensures you are represented in a fair and equitable manner, focusing on maintaining the highest level of professionalism in what can be a very difficult situation.    

Whether selling a business, transferring ownership to management, assessing and negotiating a potential merger or establishing a purchase price for an acquisition, our Valuation Team can help establish an understanding of the value drivers of the business; a fundamental component to maximizing the financial outcome of any transaction or litigation situation.

We employ a team approach to valuation and litigation support services involving our client and other professionals as required. We ensure that engagements are conducted in an effective, timely and professional manner.

We provide valuation and litigation support services in a number of areas, including the following:

  • Valuation of an asset or business interest.
  • Calculations of economic loss.
  • Calculation of Business Interruption Claims for insurance purposes.
  • Provision of Expert Testimony.
  • Review and analysis of financial evidence.
  • Review and critique of an opposing expert’s report.
  • Evaluating settlement proposals.
  • Preparation of questions for the cross examination of the opposing expert at trial. 


Virtus Group Chartered Business Valuators CBV CPA

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