How to Prepare T4’s and File with CRA: QuickBooks Instructions

Not sure how to file your T4’s from QuickBooks desktop or need a refresher? Intuit provides great step-by-step instructions below. The link to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will take you right to the correct area of the CRA website where you can upload the XML file that is created by the process.

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To read the instructions on the Intuit website for QuickBooks online click here.

To read the instructions on the Intuit website for Quickbooks desktop click here.

Your T4 Summary must be filed with the CRA by the last day of February of the following year. If you miss the filing deadline, you could be faced with penalties from the CRA.

Note: If you are mailing your forms to the CRA instead of using the XML file generated by QuickBooks Online, you’ll need to send printed versions T4 slips (employer) for all of your employees as well as the T4 Summary. You can find the T4 Summary form on the CRA website.


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