Regina Food Bank

Food insecurity poses a significant health challenge in Canada, with more than one in ten households and 19 percent of children in Saskatchewan experiencing this issue, a number that continues to rise. The Regina Food Bank stands as the largest direct service provider in Regina, offering crucial support to those grappling with food insecurity.

The Regina Food Bank delivers transformative services through initiatives like their Food Hamper Program, designed to aid individuals facing food insecurity. Each food hamper supplied by the organization contains enough food to sustain a household for 7-10 days, and they make a concerted effort to align with the recommendations outlined in Canada’s Food Guide.

In addition to their food assistance programs, the Regina Food Bank provides valuable initiatives geared towards developing fundamental life skills. These include educational programs on nutritional cooking within a budget and personal financial management.

Virtus Group is proud to be a supporter of the Regina Food Bank. In the previous year, we were able to raise enough money to provide 4,290 meals and donate 195 pounds of food.


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