Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) – Applications Now Open

Thousands of employers have made claims under the CEWS application process that started this week and will remain open for claims until September 30th. The government anticipates releasing the first batch of funds to successful claimants later next week for claims made this week.

The rules behind the eligibility and amounts of the potential claims are complex, and have been subject to clarification and discussion since the legislation was passed on April 11th, so ensuring you have the proper information is important. At Virtus Group, we are here to provide the latest information and assist employers to ensure they can properly access the CEWS amount they are entitled to claim.

Resources on our website include a summary of the eligibility rules, details on the calculation of the subsidy amounts claimable from employee wages, and a spreadsheet to analyze your specific situation under those details. The list of CRA Q&A clarifications is updated periodically to provide guidance on situations not clearly described in the legislation, including those that are more complex or unique.

Together, this information can assist you in making your CEWS claim through the CRA online portal.

As well, Virtus Group is available to provide assistance with the CEWS program – from answering your questions to working with you to gather and summarize the required information to completing the CEWS claim on your behalf. Just contact your Virtus representative to discuss further.


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