Virtus Growth Hub

The Virtus Growth Hub is a forum designed to help business owners like you work on what is important to your business. The “Hub” is facilitated by experienced Virtus Group business advisors, and brings together like-minded business owners who have a desire to grow their business and achieve their goals.

As a business owner, you likely have many demands on your time and attention. The day-to-day requirements of operating a business can make it difficult to keep your focus on what is important to your business long term.

The Virtus Growth Hub provides an opportunity for you to focus solely on the most important aspects of your business. This is achieved with support from our advisors and business owners who are in a similar position to you.

7 reasons to join the Growth Hub

  1. Avoid wasting time at a ‘talk-fest”; our workshops are action-oriented
  2. Discover new tools and processes to use in your business
  3. Hear from experienced facilitators who have tried and tested these tools
  4. Learn what’s working and what’s not from like-minded business people
  5. Exposure to the latest trends in high performing businesses
  6. Hands-on exercises to immediately improve business performance
  7. Refine your strategies for success and learn how to solve business problems

How does the Growth Hub work?

The Growth Hub brings together business owners for half-day quarterly in-person workshop, with sessions offered in both Saskatoon and Regina.

The sessions are action-oriented and focus on business growth and profit topics, such as strategic planning, change success, problem solving, profitable growth, entrepreneurship and many more. Virtus advisors facilitate discussion between business owners in a positive, candid manner.

Each session includes follow-up check-in calls with your Virtus advisor. The calls are scheduled to further discuss your action plan. This is to assist in the implementation of your plan and is designed to enhance accountability to the priorities you’ve outlined during the in-person sessions.

Other Growth Hub Considerations

A less formal, but equally valuable component to the Growth Hub is the access and support you’ll receive, and provide, to other business owners in the Hub. You’ll also gain access to exclusive online tools and training to advance your personal leadership development skills.

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What our clients are saying

Something I learned very early on in my entrepreneurial career is that there are two things you never skimp on: lawyers or accountants. When I was first introduced to Virtus, they were the best option out there and they still are. It seems every year Virtus becomes more ingrained in our business strategy and they’ve been a huge resource for us from an advisory standpoint for many years as well."
Steve Dillabough, President, Discovery Ford

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