We are a team of business advisors who provide timely, practical solutions and strategic business advice everyday to ensure our clients realize their financial goals.

  1. Neil Weber

    Neil Weber CPA, CMA, CA, CBV

    Managing Partner, Saskatoon

    (306) 653-6101

  2. Aaron Dillman

    Aaron Dillman CPA, CA, CBV, CFP

    Partner, Saskatoon

    (306) 653-6139

  3. Sheila Filion

    Sheila Filion CPA, CA

    Partner, Regina

    (306) 337-3048

  4. Doug Frondall

    Doug Frondall CPA, CA, CMAP, FCMA, CMC, CVA

    Executive Advisor, Corporate Services

    (306) 653-6102

  5. Clint Gifford

    Clint Gifford CPA, CA

    Partner, Saskatoon

    (306) 653-6140

  6. Brian Heinrichs

    Brian Heinrichs CPA, CA

    Partner, Saskatoon

    (306) 653-6135

  7. Dan Hicke

    Dan Hicke CPA, CA

    Partner, Regina

    (306) 337-3039

  8. Marc Hoffort

    Marc Hoffort CPA, CA, CBV

    Partner, Saskatoon

    (306) 653-6121

  9. Laurie Hudema

    Laurie Hudema CPA, CA

    Partner, Regina

    (306) 337-3033

  10. Kelly Lutz

    Kelly Lutz CPA, CA, TEP

    Senior Consultant, Saskatoon

    (306) 653-6128

  11. Doug McKillop

    Doug McKillop FCPA, CMA, FCA

    Senior Consultant, Regina

    (306) 337-3003

  12. David Prost

    David Prost CPA, CA

    Partner, Regina

    (306) 337-3032

  13. Jerry Rieger

    Jerry Rieger CPA, CMA

    Partner, Regina

    (306) 337-3005

  14. Trevor Sundbo

    Trevor Sundbo CPA, CA

    Partner, Regina

    (306) 337-3019

  15. Shane Webster

    Shane Webster CPA, CGA

    Partner, Regina

    (306) 337-3017

  16. Craig Reed

    Craig Reed CPA, CA

    Partner, Regina

    (306) 337-3012

  17. Jeremy Hansen

    Jeremy Hansen CPA, CA

    Partner, Regina

    (306) 337-3038

  18. Karen Bergermann

    Karen Bergermann MPAcc, CPA, CA

    Partner, Saskatoon

    (306) 653-6112

  19. Theo Gonari

    Theo Gonari CPA, CA

    Partner, Saskatoon


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